Live Target 3" Dace Minnow Natural Green

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Offering an astounding level of anatomical accuracy, the LIVETARGET Dace Jerkbait replicates the look and movement of a dace to a T, tempting a number of predators, like trout, walleye, and especially bass. Fitted with a high-impact polycarbonate lip, the LIVETARGET Dace Jerkbait fools hungry predators with a tight wiggle and a slow-sinking presentation that is too good to pass-up.

Capable of fooling the most discerning predators, the LIVETARGET Dace Jerkbait is highlighted by ultrarealistic finishes, textured scaling, and lifelike 3-D eyes. Armed with razor-sharp trebles, the LIVETARGET Dace Jerkbait combines detail and performance into one outstanding package.

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