Chasebaits 4.7" Rip SnorterOrange Oil

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The world's first truly weedless vibration bait, the Chasebaits Rip Snorter is designed to traverse heavy cover areas and pull big fish out of their hiding places. The Rip Snorter is a lipless crank style bait made with an extremely tough 10X soft plastic material. Built with a custom snap on hook that nests itself neatly against the lure's body, the Rip Snorter achieves a snagless profile that can be brought through brush, timber, grass and more without hanging up. On the belly is an attachment point fitted with a swivel and miniature willow leaf blade that provides an additional bit of flash and vibration to the baits presentation. The spinning blade can be removed and replaced with a treble hook, assist hook, sinkers, or whatever else you desire.

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