LiveTarget 3-3/4" Hollow Body Shiner Metallic Lemon Lime 3/8oz

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The LIVETARGET Hollow Body Shiner combines a realistic shiner profile with a weedless hollow body design to create a topwater walking bait that will excel in a wide variety of freshwater environments. The Hollow Body Shiner can be fished in open water with a side to side darting "walk the dog" style retrieve. The flattened profile of this bait makes it skip like a dream, making it great for fishing under docks and low lying branches. Its weedless profile allows you to toss it into heavy cover such as lily pads, floating brush and other surface vegetation without having to deal with excessive hang ups. The Hollow Body Shiner is equipped with an extra strong forged single hook and also features a pin on its belly that allows the angler to attach a treble hook for better hook up ratios in open water conditions.

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