Livetarget Spanish Sardine Swimbait - 4 1/2" - 3/4oz - silver green

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For targeting nearshore predators, it's hard to argue with casting or trolling a LIVETARGET® Spanish Sardine Swimbait. This premium weighted softbait features amazing true-to-nature looks, courtesy of its advanced, anatomically correct profile and detailing; a lifelike, tail-swishing swimming action, thanks to its built-in Oscillator system; and big-time hooking power to take down large, aggressive fish. Deadly at any speed, the LIVETARGET Spanish Sardine is pre-mounted on a big, extra-wide-gap hook positioned low and well back, where the dorsal fin acts as a weedguard.

  • Great for targeting nearshore predators
  • Can be cast or trolled
  • Weighted softbait with amazing true-to-nature look
  • Anatomically correct profile and detailing
  • Built-in Oscillator for lifelike swimming action
  • Big-time hooking power
  • Extra-wide-gap hook

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