Z-Man 7" Finesse WormZ ElaZtech Worms - Watermelon

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  • Z-Man Finesse WormZ are 7 inch, thin-tailed finesse soft plastic baits.
  • Constructed of super-tough ElaZtech material that is up to 10X Tougher than traditional plastics.
  • Tail floats up at rest, just like a finesse worm should!
  • Salt-impregnated for added casting weight and so fish hold on longer.
  • Larger size has a more bulbous tail that makes it ideal for fishing on a Shaky HeadZ or for Texas rigging.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Available in 11 colors, 8 baits per pack.

When rigged Texas style, on a drop shot rig, or on a shaky head, salt-impregnated Z-Man Finesse WormZ's soft body and natural action are ideal for virtually all finesse presentations. Particularly deadly because their tails stand up off the bottom every time thanks to the buoyancy of the ElaZtech material.

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