Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp 6/0 Grouper rig

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Many grouper anglers swear by this Lazer Sharp Weighted Grouper Rig. It's ready to use, right out of the package! Though it's designed especially for grouper, it works equally well for tarpon and snapper, too. Its large hook is ideal for holding large chunks of sardines, squid, or live bait. The Lazer Sharp Grouper Rig comes pre-rigged with monofilament leader, a 2/0 barrel swivel, an egg sinker and an in-line circle hook that meets the requirements of regulated waters.


  • Designed especially for grouper
  • Effective on snapper and tarpon too
  • Ready to use straight from the package
  • Rigged with monofilament leader, swivel, sinker and an in-line circle hook


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