Lazer Sharp Size 3 Heavy Swivel 5pack

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Stronger and better in the same size.
These compact heavy-duty swivels pass easily through most rod guides. These swivels result in cleaner releases and less fish lost at the rail.
for example,Wind-on leaders are usually made for seamless connection between your main line and leader, so that you can reel a fish all the way up close to your rod tip when landing or releasing.There is one time where we always include a swivel in our wind-on leader system: when we are chunking dead bait for bluefin tuna. Unlike all of the other wind-on leader applications such as trolling and live baiting, retrieving chunked dead bait can cause severe twist in your main line and leader. To help reduce line twist, we connect the wind-on leader to the main line with a high quality EAGLE CLAW LAZER HEAVY DUTY SWIVELS.
Compatible for for soft tube protectors up to 0.8mm

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