Castaic Baits Catch-22 10" Swimbait Slow Sink Trout

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The Castaic Catch-22 Swimbait features Real Swim technology and a Kevlar InnerArmour skeleton for unmatched durability. The Castaic Catch-22 is unique in that it is the first swimbait with a minimum-catch guarantee. If you land fewer than 22 bass before your lure becomes un-fishable, Castaic will replace it with a brand new one.

The Catch 22 features a patent-pending flexible "InnerArmour" skeleton that prevents the bait from tearing and losing its natural swimming action. The Castaic "No-throw" sliding hook system allows the bait to slide freely up the line when fish are hooked, yielding better hooksets and fewer lost fish. A magnet hook-keeper keeps the hook in place while casting and retrieving the bait.

From a slow crawl to a burn, the Castaic Catch-22 will run naturally, and will outlast most other soft plastic swimbaits.

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