Live Target Baitball Yearling Crankbait Gold Black

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Expanding upon Livetarget's highly successful baitball series, the Koppers Yearling Baitball Crankbait captures the same clustered bait ball form, but with the implementation of tiny, distressed yearling. Designed to imitate a small group of yearling that have been separated from the school, the Livetarget Yearling Baitball Crankbait plays off of the predatory instinct of bass and alerts them to an easy target. Unparalleled in detail, the Livetarget Yearling Baitball is filled with a number of precisely replicated 3D yearling. This small concentration of bait not only looks delicious, but it also creates a multi-faceted surface that reflects more light than traditional crankbaits.


-Floating class
-1-3/4 inch weigh 1/4 oz and have a crank depth of 4-5 feet

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