LIVETARGET 2-1/2" Glass Minnow Baitball Popper

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Color: Gold Bronze
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The LiveTarget Glass Minnow Bait Ball Poppers take Livetarget’s revolutionary Bait Ball Series to the water’s surface. Each bait is molded around multiple glass minnow profiles, giving it the appearance of a small bait ball breaking off from the school. This is exactly what happens when bass attack a school of baitfish, the baitfish scatter and then instinctually form smaller bait balls in an effort to regain the safety of the school. The baitfish that seek refuge at the water’s surface are an easy target for bass lurking below. Perfect for those times of year when bass are keying on tiny baitfish on the surface, the Livetarget Glass Minnow Bait Ball Popper provides an imitation you can cast and fish with conventional gear and still mimic the smaller baitfish. Available in a range of colors, the Koppers Livetarget Glass Minnow Baitball Popper taps into the impulses of foraging bass, and allows you to present multiple baits without throwing an umbrella rig.

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