Owner Inshore SlamHead - Lead - 1/4oz - 3/0 - 4(Pack)

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Built for heavy duty fishing applications, the Owner Inshore Slam Jig Head offers all the attributes necessary for targeting trophy-sized bass and inshore species like sea trout, snook, and red fish. Featuring a heavy-gauge, forged-wire construction that provides the extra power necessary for fighting large, aggressive fish and standing up to braided line, it also features a Super Needle Point hook point and a wide gap design for superior hooking ability.

Its rounded head allows it to come over a variety of cover with ease, and the corkscrew keeper will hold your soft plastic trailer in place much more effectively than a traditional barbed keeper. Available in a wide range of sizes, the Owner Inshore Slam Jig Head will give you the confidence you need to tackle any fish in freshwater or saltwater. 

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