Savage Gear Lily Ninja Poppin Frog - Top Water Lure

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  • 🐸SUPERIOR 3D DETAILS AND REALISM - Our 3D scanned Lily Ninja Frog will fool even the most wary predator. This innovative swimbait has super-realistic action, mimicking a frog swimming through the water perfectly, making it almost impossible for the fish to see the difference, ensuring you brutal attacks!
  • 🐸LIFE-LIKE ACTION - Incredible realistic swimming action lure. The Lily Ninja Frog lure is loaded with innovative features you will want in your fishing gear or tackle box
  • 🐸HEAVY DUTY - Engineered with top-quality materials to ensure you put more fish in the boat. Suitable for saltwater and freshwater fishing
  • 🐸SUPERB LURE - for Bass and other big fish

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