Thunderhawk 3-1/3" Pro Tail Plopper 1/2oz

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Color: Ghost Shad
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The Pro Tail Plopper works well at any speed, from a subtle crawl to an aggressive burn; at higher speeds, it throws water with a whopping sound that rings the dinner bell for all hungry predator in the vicinity. Because it casts a mile, it's great for covering large areas and flats. And because it works at such a wide range of speeds, it's ideal for nailing down the most productive speed and rhythm on any given day. flexible tail that's tuned right out of the box—and stays tuned forever. Comes with extra-strong trebles.

  • Casts a mile
  • Operates at a wide range of speeds
  • Throws water with a whopping sound
  • Swishing flexible tail
  • Ready to fish, right out of the box

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